Posted by: steveonfilm | July 2, 2012

Putting Things Together

I spent most of the weekend taking the note cards from the big board and putting them into my outline files. It felt good to set stuff up, and I found myself tinkering with the files almost immediately. But how did I know it was time to move from the cards to a regular outline?

I didn’t know when I’d be ready. I’d just sit in front of my board each night reading it over and over. Taking a card down and changing it slightly and putting it back up. Occasionally I’d combine two and open up a space for a new beat. Other times I’d split one beat out into two.

After a while I noticed that I was adding in small details. Micro level stuff. Scene details. Character details. It stopped being high level. And that’s when I knew. I had more to get out than a belonged on a note card.

So now I’ve got my files and I’m ready to take another step toward writing my next script. And I can’t wait…

Keep writing,


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