Posted by: steveonfilm | September 28, 2012

Back In the Saddle

So I’ve started writing a new script. It’s something that came together faster than anything I’ve ever worked on. And I can’t wait to get down to business.

Regular readers know I’ve been trying to get something started for a few months now. I’ve come close a few times, but always got to that point where I realized I just didn’t have enough to make a story work. I had a good I idea. I had about 75% of a script. I just didn’t have what was needed to turn it into a full on screenplay.

I kept working and working on my outlines and ideas. I’d get a little further, then run into a problem I couldn’t get around. I’d solve one thing and realize it was totally derivative of something else. It was frustrating. I hadn’t had this much trouble getting something from outline to screenplay before.

While toiling away at work this idea hit out of no where and dropped on my head like a sack of bricks. It was a horror movie. Five women. Stuck in a some sort of facility. And a monster would attack every 20 minutes until only one of them was left alive. They could kill the monsters, or each other. It was the ultimate “final girl” scenario.

And that was it. That was the vague idea. Within an hour I’d fleshed the story out more. Figured out where the women were. Figured out why there were there. Who captured them. What the reasoning was to only have one survivor. Everything came together almost entirely on it’s own.

I got home that night and had a title and logline scratched out. By the next evening I had a rough set up of a outline. About ten days later I had a fully realized outline with the entire story mapped out. I had found my next script and I was ready to write. I popped open Final Draft, imported my outline, and was off to the races.

It’s going to be a fun 40 days as I bang out my first draft. I’m setting a deadline of November 11th to have it complete. This will be another “challenge” like I’ve done in the past. I’ll post up something each day about my progress and troubles. Hopefully, other writers might stumble across what I’m doing and offer tips or suggestions. After all, that’s why I’m putting this out there.

Keep writing,


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