Posted by: steveonfilm | October 1, 2012

Interesting Tidbits on Looper

I haven’t seen the movie “Looper” yet, but last weeks episode of KCRW’s ‘The Business’ had an interesting interview with the producer of the film James D. Stern, former Focus Features’ co-president David Linde, and Barbara Robinson from the Wanda Group, a Chinese conglomerate company with activities in real estate, tourism, hotels and entertainment.

During the interview they talked about some of the things Hollywood is doing in order to make it easier to release movies in China.

There’s some ‘inside baseball’ type of talk, but one of the more interesting tidbits was about some of the changes made to the Looper’s script during development (pre-production development, not during actual filming).

Evidently, movies that are co-produced in China or with a Chinese company can be released much easier than those that aren’t.

It was an interesting insight into how things might need to change in a script in order for it to be produced, and how the things that need to be changed can be much bigger than just story elements that “aren’t working.”

If you’ve got 30 minutes so spend in the car the entire interview is worth a listen.

You can get to KCRW’s webpage for the episode here.

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