Posted by: steveonfilm | October 4, 2012

A Little Rusty

I’ve managed to get 12 pages into Act 1 so far. Not great progress, but not bad progress either. I had a few issues with how I tried to write the opening. Decided I was just being too complicated. Simplified my approach. And everything since has been pretty smooth.

I’ve quickly realized something… I’m really rusty. I haven’t actually written anything for a screenplay since May. That was when I finished the last draft for ‘The Prey.’ So, we’re talking at least 5 months or so, and it shows.

It’s weird how awkward it felt after I typed FADE IN. Things just didn’t seem to want to move right. I was hesitant… and a little scared. But, I pushed through, and before I knew it, everything had come back. I was writing again, and it felt really good.

If I’ve taken anything away from this it’s to keep writing as much as you can. It doesn’t even need to be on a screenplay you’re working on. It could just be a free form document with practice scenes. But write something script related, every day if you can, once a week at the minimum.

It took me about three days to really get back in the groove. Not a long period of time. But it’s still time I wish I had back.

Keep writing,


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