Posted by: steveonfilm | October 10, 2012

Moving to San Francisco… Possibly

The wife and I seriously looking at moving to San Francisco, or more likely somewhere in the general bay area.

I’ve made it no secret that I’ve wanted to move to California for some time. But the wife has been less than thrilled with the idea of moving to southern California.

However, due to a bunch of recent events we’ve kind of split the difference and agreed upon the bay area. I get to live in California. She doesn’t have to live in Los Angeles.

For me it’s a big win. I’m in IT. I’m a project manager. Silicon Valley is literally dripping with those jobs right now. So I don’t think I’ve have a huge problem finding work. The wife is a teacher and makes more money teaching online right now than she does in the classroom (yay state budget cuts), so she can actually continue working online and make nearly the same money.

There will be some obvious financial changes. She’s accepted that we won’t be able to buy the 3,000 square foot house she’s always wanted. I’ve accepted that I’ll never get the Porsche I’ve always wanted. But we’re both willing to give those up to relocate.

We’re planning a trip in the spring to scout out locations to live. I’ve got several friends in the bay area (one of my best friends is from there originally). They’re going to show us around so we can get a general idea of where we want to live.

If we come back and still like the idea, we’ll start seriously planning on a move within 6 months after that (short term leases, looking for a job, all that). Anyway, something to look forward to next year.

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  1. Sooooo jealous….. but happy for you!

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