Posted by: steveonfilm | October 15, 2012

Spookymilk Survivor

Friend of the blog “Spookymilk” (aka Kelly) runs a really neat contest called Spookymilk Survivor over at his blog.

I’ll let Spookymilk fill you in on the details:

“Over at Casa de Leche (the “Spookymilk Survivor” link on the sidebar), there’s a Survivor season going on right now, but there’s going to be a VERY short-form writing competition starting there soon.

Players write 59-word stories either once or twice a week, based on themes provided by the mods (this time I’m playing, not modding).

Writers are paired against one another and the four people with the best W-L records at the end move on to the playoffs.

It sounds cutthroat, but it’s a pretty supportive group of characters.

We’ve got just a couple (or fewer) spots open.”

I’ve been wanting to give the game a go for a while, but can never get my schedules to line up with when the new “seasons” start. However, if this kind of thing sounds interesting head over there now and check it out.

Keep writing,


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