Posted by: steveonfilm | July 11, 2013

Pacific Rim: First Thoughts


Go now.

Go to the biggest, loudest screen you can find.

2D or 3D, it doesn’t matter.

Just go.

You will stare in amazement.

You will cheer.

You will want to be a robot pilot.

You will feel like a child again.

I was so happy that this film delivered.

We need more movies like this that take a chance with original material.*

So happy…

Keep writing,

[Update: My buddy Aaron summed up Pacific Rim pretty well by saying, “A fun, fresh embrace of childhood fantasy brought to life on the big screen.”

*Also, a clarification on what I mean by “original material”. I’m referring to something not based on preexisting intellectual property (i.e. movie, video game, comic book, novel, etc.).]


  1. You guys are kidding, right? I wan’t my 6 bucks back. There isn’t one orignal idea here. Voltron anyone. Any of the old Godzilla vs. type movies. Maybe even a smatering of power rangers.

    • So wait… any movie with a giant robot or monster is automatically a rip off of Voltron and Godzilla? That’s like saying any movie with spaceships is a rip off of Star Wars.

      Or wait, any movie with humans is a rip off of every other movie that’s had humans in it? How do you feel about movies with guns in them? Explosions?

      If you didn’t like the story, I can understand that. Maybe you hated how the robots were used. Or how the monsters were used. I’m fine with that too.

      But this movie is nothing like Voltron or Power Rangers.

      • Not at all, the coment was reguarding the statement that it was fresh and original. There is not a shred of originality here.

        Washed up hero is redemeed (both pilot and robot)
        Old technology proves to be better than new (Battlestar Galactica, Real Steel). We’ve seen lots of Giant Robots including ones operated by humans inside (Robot Jocks and another whose name I forget).
        Antagonistic fellow hot shot pilot (Top Gun)

        As with the Transformers series (which I also did not like) the action is very frenetic. The religious themes (as in Prometheus which I did like) are prevelant here as well. ,

        I am not saying they stole anything,ideas are reused all the time, I do it myself. I’m just saying don’t trumpet it as new and original.

        The movie fails in my opinion for a myrid other reasons. Which I don’t have time to enumerate right now.

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